Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

We help our clients determine how to leverage diversity and inclusion to drive long-term impact on organization strategy.  Our strategy development process engages a broad base of stakeholders to encourage buy-in, ownership and performance.


  • Long-term SMART goals
  • Short-term strategic drivers with metrics, action plans and owners
  • Process for quarterly monitoring
  • Scorecards and reports for quarterly and annual assessments
  • Strategy Performance Index™
  • Annual performance reports


  Employee/Business Resource Groups


As organizations expand their use of employee and business resource groups (ERGs/BRGs), they are looking to maximize value and contributions.  We offer:

  • Customized ERG/BRG Implementation Toolkits
  • Operating plan development process
  • Employee group leader training and coaching
  • Executive sponsor coaching
  • Comprehensive management system – ERG Insight™ 


   Measuring Success with Scorecards

Measurement and demonstrating value is important for diversity and inclusion strategy as well as for employee and business resource groups.  Cockerham & Associates led the development of cloud technology solutions that use scorecards to monitor and visualize performance.

ERG Insight™         Strategy Lighthouse™